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K.O.O. Founder

About K.O.O.

Founded in 1988 by Keith O. Odister, K.O.O. Construction has taken little time in making a name for itself in the construction industry. Mr. Odister has been in construction for twenty years, with a strong background in mechanical and life safety, and holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. He has established K.O.O. Construction as an independent construction firm with goals of maintaining profits and positive cash flow to meet all obligations, provide for the long-term stability of the firm and render an excellent service to its clients. Such goals have led to Mr. Odister being nominated, in 1999, for the U.S. SBA, San Francisco District 8(a) Minority Small Businessperson of the Year Award.

An experienced and dynamic team supports the owner for all operation related to evaluating and managing projects. The company relies heavily on the training and involvement of its employees, and this, at all levels. Moreover, the company is looking to surround itself with subcontractors and suppliers who also strive for quality.

K.O.O. Construction takes its clients’ interest to heart and puts every effort into finding solutions tailored to their needs and highest standards. We have worked closely with the owner/architect on the plans & specifications, Design/Build and have participated in the development of the final scope of work for various projects.

K.O.O. Construction performs well on projects with tight schedules requiring close Owner/Design Team/Contractor coordination. We deliver the quality and service our clients expect. Our projects will be successful, frankly, because we have excellent people who know how to manage and deliver projects.

K.O.O. personnel, industry experience, and our expectations are what differentiates us from our competition.